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Is Weight Loss Supplements-1Db Fastpack Safe To Take?

Are you training hard in the gym, sweating more and more during your personalized workout sessions to get you in proper shape but still not getting the desired results? This more or less may be the pickup lines of various food supplement companies which ensure your fat loss like Weight Loss supplements- 1Db fastpack. It is a hoax. They promise fat loss and not practical weight loss.

What is 1Db-Fastpack?

In actual it is a food supplement but sold as a weight loss supplement. It may give you an edge in your weight loss programme but sole dependency on it is rather disastrous. It contains several enzymes, organ tissues, high amount of caffeine and various herbs which in spite of benefiting us may prove harmful for our health, albeit some vitamins and proteins are also present. Also, these food supplements companies are not certified by government recognized institutes of any country hence, it is risky to trust them.

It aids fat burning: real or myth

They have the following three effects on the organs of our body:

  • They control your appetite and subdue your craving.
  • Increases the metabolism rate.
  • Make thyroid gland to secrete more hormones than normal.
  • They might be using steroids.

Weight Loss supplements-1Db fastpack has hydroxycitrate, extracted from Garcinia Cambogia fruit. Although it doesn’t help weight loss yet it may cause nausea, indigestion and headache. Ephedrine and caffeine derivatives of ma Huang and guarana herbs are technically drugs but classified as herbs by these companies. Caffeine intake in a small quantity isn’t bad but when combined with ephedrine it has a disastrous effect on our body. Regular use leads to adverse reactions and death.

These supplements only manipulate our brain to lower our food intake and make us feel good. It is harmful because in a way we are doing crash dieting rather than taking proper nutrition which not only makes us lethargic but also breaks our immunity system.