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Video Games – Wasting Time And Damaging Your Spine

Video Games have become a major part of people’s lives as a recreational activity. People have been spending more and more time playing these games which at times interferes with their daily schedule thereby hindering their productivity.

Are video games a waste of time?

  • Playing video games helps people get away from their busy and hectic lives. It helps them relax and attain peace. But it becomes a problem when they play these games day in, day out. It then becomes a waste of time as in the time spent playing these games they could actually accomplish something worthwhile.
  • Video games hinder socialization since they mainly involve the use of smartphones and computers. These games don’t offer any major benefits as compared to activities such as reading, which helps sharpen a person’s brain or playing a sport which improves one’s physical and mental health, both.
  • Another issue with these games is “Addiction”. When people start playing these games all day, every day, they become addicted. They start feeling restless if they don’t get to play them for a significant duration. They become disturbed and their behavior changes.
  • People’s safety is another cause of concern, especially the ones who play online multiplayer games since the people whom they play these games with don’t go through any form of 먹튀검증 process before creating their accounts and profiles and can be anyone other than who they portray themselves to be.

The video game playing community needs to play these games responsibly and manage the time spent playing them. They need to take short breaks while playing as it can cause pain in their arms and neck due to remaining in the same position for a long duration and should give time to other important tasks such as studying and exercising as well. People can avail maximum benefits by playing these games responsibly.