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Things You Should Know About Fortnight’s 30 Million World Cup

Wait for the most anticipated event of the year is finally over! Fortnight world cup is happening this summer in the city that never sleeps. Yes, that’s right, New York is hosting the e-sports finale at an undisclosed center from 26th to 28th in the month of July. The game is undoubtedly going to hold up a lot of money and the winner is definitely going to turn rich soon with that handsome bounty. The developers have announced 30 million dollar prize money for grabs and the solo champion is bound to win 3 million dollars.

How will the players be selected?

The minimum age of the participant needs to be 13 years to qualify for the event. From the month of April toJuly, the developers are going to hold several events to select the best candidates for the upcoming finale. These 10 tournaments would each hold a prize pool of 1 million dollar money. The developers are going to get 100 solo players and 50 duo players that are going to proceed for the rest of the events. To play for the final round, each participant would be promised earnings of at least 50 thousand dollars.

The developers have even announced several events outside the world cup as well where the players who did not get to be a part of the finale can have a good time as well. The players would be able to earn millions of dollars with these tournaments as well.

What to expect from the upcoming event?

  • The competitions that are going to be held in the event are going to be both major and minor. You can expect many communities as well as solo competitions that could be held on the location or even online.
  • The best part about all these games is that you don’t necessarily have to be a pro at them; even an amateur can earn a good amount of money if they qualify for the chain of events.
  • There could be some games that would be centered to squad playing mode. A detailed insight into the event is still to be out. You can get the information online once it is out.

  • The developers have made it very clear that no companies or franchises will be allowed to buy any team or player. This would mean a prohibition on any type of third party play game.
  • The players taking part in the upcoming part should be thorough with all the rules and regulations as no mishandling of any kind would be tolerated on the day of the events. The schedule and the regulations would be provided to you and would be available online as well.

30 million dollar world cup for Fortnight seems definitely something to try out for. Interested champions and fans of the v-bucks fortnite generator and many other features should leave no stone unturned to grab a place in this once in a lifetime opportunity to get a handsome bounty and recognition from all over the world.