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Follow These Tips For Eating Out While On A Keto Diet

To put it simply, the keto diet is known to be the minimal-carb diet, at an average the breakdown of macronutrients should be 20 per cent of protein, 75 per cent of fat and 5 per cent of carbohydrate. So, in short depleting the body of carbohydrates is what keto diet is all about; you need to force your body to run on glycogen. Keto diet has become a craze, and there are also some best restaurants for ketogenic diet, but what if you have to visit a normal restaurant with your family or friends? There is nothing to worry as low-carb eating can work anywhere and these are some awesome tips for doing this.

Tips for eating out

  • Plan ahead of the dinner

Most of the restaurants have their menu online, so if you are new to the keto diet and concerned about your diet, then you can take a sneak peek into the menu before leaving your home. Scan the menu and look for keto-friendly options that are sugar-free and delicious at the same time. After getting to the restaurant you can customise the dish according to your own taste and diet.

  • Avoid starchy food

Avoid the bread, pass on the pasta, don’t have the rice while on a keto diet. Keep your taste buds in control and avoid getting tempted by the starchy items in the menu. If you are ordering a burger, then on your request they can substitute the bun for lettuce wraps that are way healthier and would also help you stick on your keto diet. In case they don’t substitute than just eliminate that dish.

  • Include healthy fat to the food

The meals in the restaurants are low in fat, but you can add healthy fat to the food in order to stick to your diet. You can easily add some extra butter and melt it over the veggies, then you can also ask them for olive oil and vinegar dressing to drizzle it on the salad. Some restaurants do not have olive oil so you can carry your own bottle of olive oil with yourself.

In order to avoid getting tempted and to avoid risking your diet, it is better to be prepared before eating out. When hunger strikes, one is unable to think clearly, which can lead to a disaster and can be bad for your keto diet. So to avoid falling to temptations it is important to consider these things:

  • Have a snack before leaving for a social gathering. This will prevent you from falling to any temptation.
  • Research about keto eating beforehand, this will prevent you from struggling while ordering the food.
  • In case you are not familiar with keto eating, then first know your food well.

Occasional restaurant visits won’t be of any harm to your keto diet. You can very well enjoy eating out by ordering vegetable sides dishes, salads, coffee, cheese and wine which are some great keto options.