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5 Most Health-Damaging Guns, Weapons for Winning In PubG

PUBG is a name that has crossed the world of BandarQ and has become a common term in almost all the places of the world. The game is becoming popular and the competition is growing on the battle ground. But, there are some of the deadliest weapons that can give you an edge in the game.

The deadliest weapons in the game are:

  1. AWM

AWM is one of the deadliest guns that has the longest range. It can kill a player wearing level 3 helmet with a headshot from a distance of almost 500 meters. If you want this gun during the next game, look for airdrops.

  1. Crossbow

A crossbow might be a difficult weapon to use, but once a player learns to use it, it can be very destructive. One shot of the crossbow is good to kill another opponent. However, most players avoid it because the reload time of a crossbow is very high and almost fatal in a high intensity game.

  1. M24

M24 is the second most deadliest sniper rifle that players usually prefer because of the range of attachments that can be mounted on this rifle to make it a nightmare for your opponents. It can kill a player wearing level 2 headgear with one single headshot.

  1. KAR 98

Kar 98 might not be the most powerful weapon in the game but it has been known to kill the most players. It can knock down a player wearing level 2 vest and helmet, which usually most players wear in the game.

  1. Win94

This sniper rifle is available only in Miramar and Sanhok and can kill a player wearing level 1 gear with one shot only. To reduce the reload time on this weapon, you can attach bullet loops to it as well.