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Best Craft Beer Labels in San Diego City

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San Diego, California, America’s Craft Beer Capital, where good beer is said to be found and good beer comes with striking beer label that will surely make the craft beer a little more mouthwatering. Details where emphasized and by that, stories are also to be told. Here are some of the iconic breweries in San Diego.

It was told that the name Death of Brewer Stout’s Beer was derived literally from the ones who are making after they almost ‘died’ crafting it. They are killing themselves just to make it right. And so, the label concept of a withered skull in a Russian helmet was conceptualized to commemorate the struggle that the soldiers endured through.

Coast Wise Session IPA, a Cool and refreshing as the breeze of Sea is what is for Coronado Brewing Co.’s work of art. An uncanny resemblance of Poseidon, protector of see, is seen depicted on the can. A portion of the sale goes straight to Surfrider Foundation for ocean preservation.

Before venturing big in the brewery business, Dave and Donny Firth formulates their first beer right at their own garage. They named their beer, Buena Vista IPA after their hometown which depicts local landmark called Buena Vista with mountainous and lined up tree landscape to give meaning to a good view.

Fathom IPA’s flavor is like the ocean’s depth, or should I say, just the right number of flavors. Paul Elder’s design, an old designed diving helmet and map of Ballast Point peninsula can be seen to complete the right amount of satisfaction that comes from the beer itself.              

Three bacteria are the said to be the source of inspiration for Bill DeWitt in designing the label of California Wild Ales. They are Brettanomyces, Lactobacillus and Pediococcus to add funkiness and flavors to the mix.