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Track Moments Of Pokemon Go Players

Pokemon Go players have been waiting for updates that will help and improve their gaming experience. But there are wishful thinking updates that most of them wanting to be included that will benefit surely almost all Pokemon Go players. Let’s hope the Niantic will add these to list of updates that will be released in the near future.

To start of, Nearby Priority for Field Research Pokemon will aid players to immediately sort out the Pokemon that are not caught yet in terms of priority or depending on the situation that players are currently into. When players get in the Field Research, the Nearby tab will immediately sort out only the needed Pokemons. This is included already in the game but not for Field Research Pokemon.

Aside from the Nearby Priority update, game glitches can really be a headache at times. But for some, game glitch might become handy and maybe useful to some. For Pokemon Go, another wishful update should be included is the ability or option for the last ball that was used in catching can still be used on the next catch. This will be really helpful for players who are grinding and can use the ball with the highest catch rate. Lastly, the ability to feed your defenders remotely or do boss raids that goes beyond the gyms that you are currently defending. Pokemon Go players are itching for this update to come as this will really come in handy. They’ll now see which raids are happening beyond what they can usually see in the in-game map.

These update might be far-fetched for Niantic to consider. But, players are hoping that they’ll listen and take good look at it. Integrating these updates will surely eliminate searching Pokemon Go GPS Hack Android or even for iOS devices.