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Kids And Their Parents’ Instruction Manual

One day you get the wonderful news that you are going to have a child and the next day comes within a blink of an eye when you are giving birth to that precious life. Babies, as they arrive, bring responsibilities. Those responsibilities are a sudden burden over your head as a parent because parenting is not easy. And the children do not land here with user guides which tell you how they are going to be taken care of. Each kid doesn’t have his/her instruction manual as they take birth.

So what to do for better parenting?

Well, as we know the user manual ain’t coming in our hands directly with the kid, we create our own manual. There are numerous authors who have written books about parenting. Those books are very educational and help the parents thoroughly.

The books include topics like,

  • Doing the best 

Always tell your kids to finish up whatever activity or work they choose to do. They should be praised to completes their work so that they keep the completion in their mind.

  • Working hard 

From an early stage, teach your kid to become a participant.

  • Values

Teaching your kid good values is the best way to shape your child’s personality. Tell them nicely when they are doing something wrong and teach them words like “sorry” and “thank you”. Say “Be truthful,” “Sit up straight,” etc.

  • Eating greens 

Food matters a lot for kids to be healthy. Some tend to leave the vegetables aside and eat nothing. Tell them to eat greens.

  • Sharing toys 

As we all know sharing is caring, teach them to share their toys with other kids and be polite.

  • The company

We are judged by the company we have. So, make sure that you turn your kid to the right choices of friends.