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The Right Way To Use Google In Improving Website Traffic

Google is already a very big of a company that it can now really help you with almost anything. Now, it doesn’t just help you track the performance of your website and how many people visit it, but Google can now also help you improve your website traffic with the following ways:

  1. Google Search Console
    Other than tracking your search engine rankings, this feature of Google also helps you fix issues and improve your website contents to bring even more audience to your website and also attain a higher rank in Google Search. 
  2. AdSense Guide
    There is also such thing as AdSense Guide to Audience Management that Google offers for free. This will help you create your own branding, create quality contents, and hit your audience engagement goals. The right approach to your target audience will surely improve the traffic of your website. 
  3. SEO Starter Guide
    It is one of the most basic ways of using Google for your SEO strategy. Google actually provides a great guide for companies that don’t have a high SEO rank yet. The guide contains everything that you need to know from the basics to the most advanced one. 
  4. Google Ads
    It is more the monetized strategy in SEO. Of course, if you spent money on ads, that will surely boost the traffic of your website—how much more if the ads are from Google itself?

There are actually still a lot of SEO tools out there that will offer you great help, but with Google, you don’t need to find any other keyword finder & SEO difficulty tool anymore. After all, Google is a very big and famous company, so why not use it to gain an advantage for your website traffic easily.