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Idea On Reading Fine Prints On Product Label

Why do you read? Some says it would give us additional information; it will expound our knowledge, that’s a fact. What’s your point of view? Well, for me it’s both; it helps me expound my knowledge and be able to know some information. Aside from that, it gives me joy to read some good stuff.

What does it had to do with the title? Nothing, except on reading. Do you find it hard to read those fine words in the package of a product you bought? You’re not alone. Some people don’t even read those labels. Well if you’re interested to know the content and other information about the product then you have to read its package label. That is a way of knowing the product.

Customized water bottle labels and stickers

In order for a product to be known to the market, one should have an appealing package. Having a package will distinguish the product itself and would be easily recognize by the general public. Thus, customization of the product is needed to catch the attention of the people. Like the packaging of water bottles or not. 

I Wonder Why?

Imagine during the old times when people were still living in caves. Well, people nowadays don’t live in caves anymore but on apartment that look like an enhance cave. Back to the topic. During those times they focus on surviving in the wild. Then suddenly, out of nowhere, a shiny round object drops from the sky. They came to look at it. Found out that it was a very big thing pack with bizarre and colorful images on the outside, but it has strange writings on the side of it. But they didn’t care about it, so they decided to take it home. Looking from a far, the tribal captain was amazed upon seeing it due to its beauty and amazing look. So they decided to worship it like a God. Little did they know that those strange writing on the side of it has a meaning that says “Handle with care, Explosive Items Inside.” Boom! Bang! Kaplam! That’s the history why people living in caves died. Well, I’m just kidding about that part.

It was thanks to improvement, technology, science, etc. and most of all, God. Through continuing and moving forward, great changes had been made. And nowadays we can recognize the content of the product from just looking ant reading its package. Don’t be like those prehistoric people in the story. Read labels of the product to see its contents information.