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Good And Bad In Gaming

Just like any other things on this planet, gaming has two sides, the negative and the positive or the good and the bad. As a player, it is necessary that you are armed with these negative and positive sides of gaming for you to take the good side and avoid the bad side. Hence, in this article, you will learn what are the good and bad in gaming. This will help you to take the necessary action and preventive measures to have a healthy and amazing gaming experience.


There are a lot of studies claiming that playing online games has a lot of health benefits to players in both physical and mental aspect. Gaming is considered an effective platform to sharpen an individual’s brain. This includes logical reasoning, critical thinking and solving complex problems and equation. This is because of the different categories in online gaming. From puzzle category to battle, logic games and to spelling and quiz bee categories, certainly gaming can sharpen the brain of players. Aside from physical aspect, gaming is also an effective way to earn money. This is because there are some gaming companies and developers that pay players by simply testing and playing the games they designed.


Too much addiction in gaming application or website such as swmasters, super mario, fortnite, mobile legends and any other games can certainly cause negative impacts to the players. It will affect both the physical and mental aspect of an individual player. For instance, too much time spent in playing games will destruct a player’s eating habit and even exercise. There are also some studies claiming that playing online games affect the social interaction of an individual to the people around him and his environment. Hence, if not properly prevented, gaming can impose some serious damages and inflictions to players.