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Making An All-Natural Weed Killer With Essential Oils

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Weeds on our precious garden can be very annoying. Most of the time, people choose to take it out using their hands because they prefer not to spray any kind of substances that might harm their plants.

However, one thing that you might consider once those weeds start to grow fast on you’re the edges of your garden is to use a homemade natural weed killer. These are the steps on how you could make your own.

Ingredients Needed

There are actually some homemade weed killer ingredients and materials that you will need.

First, a glass spray bottle as a container. The size can vary depending on the volume of the weed killer that you will make.

Second, you will need a distilled white vinegar that is just about the same volume that your spray bottle can contain.

Next ingredient that you will need is a liquid castile soap. If you have a 16 oz. spray bottle, you will need at least 1 1/3 of liquid castile soap.

Lastly, you will need a few drops of each essential oil that you will use for your weed killer like wintergreen, clove, orange, and cinnamon essential oil.

How To Make It

It is pretty easy to make a natural homemade weed killer. First, mix the castile soap and all of the essential oils inside your spray bottle. Next, pour the white vinegar in the bottle. Make sure that the lid is tight, then shake the bottle as hard as you can. Voilà! Your natural weed killer with essential oils.

One thing to always remember when using this spray is that it can kill neighboring plants, so be very careful and avoid spraying this your plants. Finally, you can now say good-bye to your garden’s pesky weeds!