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A Handy Guide To Create Timeline Online

A timeline chart is a constructive and efficient method that is used to note down all major events in a chronological order. With all the data displayed graphically it is easy to pinpoint important dates and time, making the whole process much more easy to grasp. Timeline charts are usually put to use when managing a project’s schedule wherein it more or less acts as a calendar. From the timeline diagrams online, you can make out that the chart consists of all relevant information related to the project. These include details such as how long it can take, what the next steps are supposed to be, how much has been accomplished etc. Documentation of all these events ensures smooth function and uncomplicated achievement of project goals.

You can create a timeline chart on PowerPoint, Excel or via software programs available online. Here are the few elements that you should focus on to create an efficient timeline.

  • Title: Every timeline should have a fitting title which will help identify the importance of the project
  • Add start and finish dates: The segment of time is the most important criteria in a timeline chart. To add these dates make a bar or line on the center of the page and place the start and finish dates at either ends going from left to right respectively
  • Scale of time: The time distribution should be done reasonably and in accordance with your project. If your project is ongoing for a century, divide the time into decades, a year into months, a day into hours. Use small vertical line segments for this task and label each section

  • Events: Place all small circles along the line or bar to denote all major events that have been or need to be completed. You can also use arrows of various lengths if you find your timeline getting over-crowded.
  • Visual illustration: You can add illustrations of your choice to the timeline to make it look more appealing. It also adds further clarity to the timeline.