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4 Ways To Achieve Twitter Followers

All businesses on Twitter are united by one main motto- to achieve more and more followers. With every other business joining Twitter, the competition is sky-high. One of the best ways to beat the competition is to gain an increased number of followers. Put simply, more followers you have, better are your chances of conversion. The post below offers a brief on the best ways to achieve more Twitter followers.

Post quality industry-related contents

If you are looking to acquire targeted followers, you have to give them something that they want or need. Your target users require something that’s related to your industry and your Twitter profile should reflect. For example, if you run an IT business, contents on IT security would be really attractive to your target users. And people love to follow those that can offer them something of value.

Amp your profile with keywords

Find out the popular yet low-competitive keywords for your industry. These are the same phrases that your target users use when they have to search products/services related to your industry. So, when you amp up your profile with these keywords, your profile or contents will come up when these users will search for goods relevant to your industry. You should use these keywords in bio, posts and tweets.

Request for retweets

According to a marketing expert, tweets including “please retweet” tend to garner 4 times more retweets than texts without it. It was his explanation that such tweets will broaden the exposure for your profile and inspire attention from a large number of users.

Count on Twitter chats

These chats offer you excellent opportunities to meet and engage with target users big time. Follow everybody whom you meet and talk to over chats. They will return the favor by following you back. But make sure to follow target or relevant users only. Follow-back from irrelevant users will do no good to your business profile.