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How You Can Convert Video Files Online With No Cost

If you need to convert video files right on your browser, then you are at the right place. This article will instruct you on how to find and properly use an online video converter to mp4. Listed below is one of the online websites that you can use in order to convert video files totally free of charge.

Video Converter Online

A free of charge web based software that allows the conversion of video files, and change the file type, video resolution, and file size without downloading a dedicated video converter software.


One of the features includes support for file size of as much as 2 gigabytes. Upload rate still depends on the connection that you are using when you uploads the file.

Their service is processed by their servers, which in some cases actually be faster than dedicated video converters. However, one disadvantage is that you might be limited by your internet speed if you have a slow one. Still, if you have a high speed internet connection, then converting online might be the best method of conversion for you.

As opposed to various other providers, this website has got absolutely no restrictions on the amount of documents you are able to change. You can process as many files as you would need. In terms of decoder support, they can process the latest codecs such as h.265.

On top of all the above features, there is another deciding advantage. Video converter online can be used totally free of charge. Additionally, as compared to other “free” converters on the internet, creating an account is not required. The site also features a clean and sleek user interface with no ads.