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Step By Step Guide For Tiff To Pdf Conversion

TIFF files are great for storing images but these tend to take a good lot of space. If you have to free space on your hard drive or on your desktop, you must convert them into PDF. Why? Well, PDF can reduce file size without hampering its resolution quality. But, how to convert tiff to pdf? The good thing is you have PDF converter programs today that will allow you to convert any kind of TIFF file into professional PDF formats like a breeze.

The post below offers a step-by-step guide on TIFF to PDF conversion.

Step 1

First, you will have to choose a reliable PDF converter. You will get both downloadable and online converter programs to choose from. The online option does not occupy any space in your system as it does not make you install anything.

Step 2

After you have chosen your converter, you will go to its window or website. The next thing to do here is to add your TIFF file to the converter platform. You may find an option like “Upload files”. Click on it and upload your TIFF on the converter program window. You may also opt for drag & drop functionality to add your TIFF file to the converter program window.

Step 3

Now, you have reached at the final stage of the process. This is where your converter program will convert your TIFF file into PDF. It’s to note here When you will add your TIFF file to converter window, the program will immediately start to convert it. It will take a few minutes for the conversion to be completed.

After your PDF conversion is complete, you can download it in your system easily. If you are going for a paid converter, make sure to try out its free trial version first before you make the final purchase.