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How To Reset Your Propane Regulator On A Gas Grill

Every gas grill has a propane regulator. This regulator is usually attached to the propane tank shutoff valve. It controls the flow of gas to the burners. It also ensures that the flow of gas is properly maintained at a standard rate. Aside from taking good care of your gas grill, knowing how to properly reset its regulators will allow you to use your gas grills properly and efficiently. Hence, here’s how to reset the propane regulator on a gas grill.

First Step

First, open the cover lid on your gas grill and turn off all the burner dials for safety purposes. Next, turn the shutoff valve on the propane tank to the OFF mode through turning rotating the valve clockwise till it is totally closed.

Second Step

You now need to disconnect your regulator from the propane tank shutoff valve through twisting the knurled mounting knob counterclockwise. The regulator must be pulled away from your propane tank valve.

Third Step

To release pressure in the gas lines, you need to open the burner control knobs fully on the grill. Let the regulator to reset for 30 seconds.

Fourth Step

By threading the mounting knob to the valve, reattach your regulator to the propane tank shutoff valve. Next, screw the mounting knob clockwise until it becomes tight.

Last Step

Turning the valve handle counterclockwise, open the propane shutoff valve slowly and test the grill through opening the burner valve using grills controller to fire the burner.

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