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Review Of Any Video Converter To Convert Wide Variety Of Video Formats

Videos always come in different formats and file types. These formats have specific devices and operating systems where they are only compatible. There are specific formats of video that can only be accessed using windows and there are specific formats for iOS. Hence, for you to be able to play videos in a device that you have, you must know how to convert them using a video converter. Hence, these are the ways on how to convert Mp4 to Avi, Wmv or Mp3 and other file formats.


If you want a video converter with a friendly interface and can be easily used and accessed, Freemake is the best software for you. Also, this converter allows you to convert portion of videos so you can trip parts of any videos that you want to be converted.


You might think of VLC as a free video player only, but little did you know this software can also be a good video converter. To do so, just choose media menu, then click convert or save then voila, you can choose what type of video format you want your video to be converted to.


Another popular video converter is handbrake. Not only it converts video to other formats such as Mp3, Avi, or Wmv but it is also a good online converter to mp4. Just like any other software we have on our picks, handbrake has also a very friendly interface allowing you to use it with ease.

Other video converters

There are myriads of options of video converters online. All of them have the ability to convert your videos. But it is always advisable to carefully evaluate them before using them to avoid any trouble with your video files.