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3 Reasons Why Bikes Are More Important Than Cars

Bicycles are so important. If you haven’t thought much about them, then maybe it’s time you do. Bikes may look like simple forms of transportation, but they can do so much more for the environment and for yourself than regular cars can do.

Biking to work or to school can do lots of things for your mental health as well as your physical health. Many people already take this kind of transportation. So why should you try it out as well? Check out the reasons below:


If you bike to and from work or school, you’ll notice that you’re more toned as the years go by. It is also a fun exercise since you’re not at all bored when you go biking since the scenery keeps you distracted.

So the next time you decide to take a public transportation to head off to the office, take a bike to work.

Helps The Environment

Taking the bike wherever you go lessens pollution. With a bike however, not only are you helping the environment, you’re also becoming an example for other commuters that they too can take the bike like you. Kids, most especially, pick up on things they see and can grow up to the idea that helping the environment is just as easy as taking the bike.

Avoids Health Concerns

Aside from making you lose weight, biking helps you stay fit mentally and physically. You don’t get tired easily since you’re always on the go which makes you healthier.

Investing in a bicycle is worth it. You can buy a bike in your nearest bike store. It’s not as high maintenance as cars. You can Fiets onderdelen kopen in hardware stores as well. Bikes are convenient, helpful and long lasting. Try biking to your next destination now and feel the difference.