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3 Tips To Finance Your Plastic Surgery

Once limited to starts and celebs, plastic surgery is now in the bucket-list of commoners as well. But one thing can’t be denied- plastic surgery is fairly expensive. The cost will differ from one type of surgery to another but the process is overall pricey. But, the good thing is, there are different ways to finance your plastic surgery. The post below shares insights on financing options for plastic surgery.

Opt for personal loans

If you are confident of your credit score, you may count on personal loans to finance your plastic surgery. As these loans are unsecured, no collateral would be required on your part. Besides, personal loans usually carry fixed term and fixed rate of interest. In regards to credit score, you are supposed to have a figure over 740. However, some personal loan lenders are even ready to offer loans on comparatively lower scores like 580. Apart from credit score, the other criteria to get approved for personal loan financing are:

  • stable job and income which will stand as the proof of your ability for loan repayment
  • Low ratio of debt-to-income (36% minimum)

Medical credit cards

You can also check out medical credit cards as these are especially meant for medical expenses. The approval conditions here are similar to personal loans.

Financing help from the surgeon

It’s to note here many plastic surgery institutes or surgeons are ready to offer financing help to patients. They generally offer it through some 3rd party business, say the local bank. It’s better to go for such local-bank financing as the interest rates would be lower here compared to a big national lending company.

Last but not the least, you should always make sure to land up with the best liposuction doctor in calgary or the most reputed breast augmentation specialist- depending on your chosen surgery. Make sure your chosen doctor/surgeon is a board certified professional and seasoned in your specific niche.