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Card And Puzzle Games For Kiddo Birthday Parties

Are you soon to host a fun-packed birthday party for your little munchkin? Well, when it comes to kiddo birthday parties, it’s their little friends who are the special guests of honor. Thus, whatever entertainment you will plan for the party should be arranged with them in mind. What do kids love to do the most? Needless to mention, they love to play. The post below offers a brief on different card and puzzle games that your little one will enjoy with his friends on his birthday party.

Kids’ Puzzle of the USA

This is an amazing puzzle game that can be enjoyed with multiple players. Apart from the fun factor, it will also infuse some solid geography lesson into the little minds. The blocks and pieces in this puzzle are molded into the shape of different States of the USA. Players would have to find the pieces and place them in right position to complete the map of the U.S.A.

Melissa & Doug Colorful Fish Wooden Chunky Puzzle

This puzzle is game for kids who are starting to learn colors and small words. You have sturdy wooden board here with hollow spaces in shapes of fishes. There is also a set of 8 wooden fishes in various colors. Players will have to find the same colored fish matching with the shade of the hollow boxes and place them in their right position.


You will find awesome card games over the web like Judi Online. But when it comes to a physical card game for kids, Snap will make a good option. It’s a super-fun number which also helps to sharpen the motor and observation skills in children.

Zeus On The Loose

Your kid and his friends will have a fun-time chasing Zeus right on the peak of Mt. Olympus. Each player here will receive 4 cards. Every card features some Greek God or a number. The ultimate goal here is to hike to the peak of Mt. Olympus to catch Zeus.