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Interesting Things About The Madden Game Only John Madden Know

Madden is a very popular American football video game that has been around for over 3 decades. The idea of developing a video game based off American football was conceived by renowned coach and commentator John Madden in 1984. Developed by Electronic Arts, it has sold more than 130 million copies to date and has influenced many players and coaches of the game. It has also paved way to various online video games surrounding football which requires qqturbo.com login access, so to speak.

You may say that John Madden was sitting on a gold mine with the Madden video game idea when he approached EA for the development, and sure enough it was a hit. But there are things about the video game that only a few people know. Here are a few things about Madden that only John Madden and the developers know.

Madden’s first platform was PC

Madden gained popularity in the early 90’s due to its release in Sega Genesis. Though not associated with just one platform, this Sega version was considered the main release among other platform versions of the game. However, little did everyone know that Madden was already in PC 2 years before the Sega Genesis release. It was, however, very basic and rudimentary compared to the later releases.

It was released on over 30 different consoles and platform

While Madden is hugely popular on select consoles, over the course of its 30-year existence it has been released in over 30 different platforms. The hugely extensive release of the game is one of the reasons why it has become quite popular among sports gaming community.

The 11-man team limitations

In the early phases of the game’s development, having 11 players in the field was just not technologically possible, and EA attempted to release the game with a limited number of players in the field in-game. This did not bode well with John Madden and insisted that there should be 11 players each team in the field to be real football. The release was delayed for about 2 years until they found a way to have 22 players on the field at the same time.