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Tips To Get Trophies Fast In A Brawl Stars Game

Are you a new Brawl Stars player looking forward to get your trophies fast? Well, trophies are one of the most prized possessions for every player here as they help you to boost your levels in the game. But, how to get your trophies fast? The post below shares a brief for your convenience.

Participate in events

One of the best ways to win trophies real fast in Brawl Stars is through participation in events. The best event to participate here is Showdown. Some players have earned as many as 8+ trophies in Duo or Solo Showdown. The coolest bit about earning trophies through Showdown is that here you won’t have to be in #1 always to earn it. Just make sure to bag a place within top 5.

Be careful of your Brawlers

To win Showdown event, you must be careful about choosing the right brawler. It takes real hard-core playing to unblock the powerful brawlers. However, if you can go for brawl stars hacks applications free online, you will be able to unlock them free of cost. Just make sure to settle with a reliable and widely used hack site.

So, who are the best brawlers to win Showdown events?


  • Ability to inflict high damage, especially in the short-range combats
  • Fantastic doe ambushing opponents


  • His long-range rockets are great for high damage
  • Thanks to its “Super” power, the Brawler is able to attack a broad region with his several powerful rockets


  • You will need her Bear summon especially in later stages of your game
  • Her medium attacks are great to finish fleeing enemies


  • Its poison attacks can lead to hellish damage
  • Super fast movement helps Crow to catch opponents or escape from them in dire hours