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The Best Tips On Keeping Good Internet Connection While Playing Online Games

Maintaining a good internet connection is really important if you are playing games such as poker online. Just a few minutes of no connection can ruin a game for you. If you find yourself being at the receiving end of a faulty internet connection while playing games, then read on this article. You do not need to suffer poor internet while playing poker online, or any other online games. Listed below are some of the top tips for improving your internet connection while playing online:

1. Do not download any files while playing

If your internet is not that good, about doing anything on the internet while you are playing games. Pause all of your on going downloads, and close all of your tabs that are playing videos from Youtube. Those things are eating at your bandwidth and making your online games lag.

2. Disconnect all devices aside from the one you are playing from

If the first tip does not work, you can move on to this. Disconnect all other computers, mobile phones, tablets, and smart tvs from your network. Even if you already paused all internet activities for those devices, they are still using your internet from time to time. The best way to stop them from accessing the internet is by turning off their internet capabilities such as WiFi or disconnecting internet cables.

3. Limit bandwidth allocation on other devices

In case you cannot disconnect other devices for some reasons, you can just throttle the internet they are allowed to use. This will allow you to limit their bandwidth usage without disconnecting them completely. This will help you greatly if you are playing video games such as poker online that requires you to have a low ping.