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Ways To Get Dragon City Gems For Free

Dragon City is no exception when it comes to being a Pay-to-Win game. The more you spend money to buy gems the stronger your dragons will become. This is because gems can be used to upgrade your dragons faster and skip some prerequisites. Gems can also be used to get the most powerful dragons in-game so a lot of players spend money on the game. While the fastest way to get gems is by spending money, there are also methods on how to get gems for free. These methods are absolutely legit and hack free. This means you can skip out on spamming questions like “what is the activation code for dragon city hack” and the likes on random hack websites. Without further ado, here are the methods you can try to get gems for free.

Getting free gems by watching ad-videos

In this method, you need to be playing on your mobile phone. You just need to go to the shop then an offer will appear that will give you 1 free gem for watching a half-minute video-ad. You can watch the video-ads repeatedly as long as they are offers in the shop.

Jewelem’s Tower

When starting the game, it is recommended to grind until level 12 as soon as possible.  At level 12, you will unlock a structure called “Jewelem’s Tower”. This structure will give you extra gem every time you log in. So when you play every day you’ll be getting extra gems.

Play Deus Card Shuffle

First, you need to connect your Facebook account to get access to this mini-game. You can play Deus card shuffle daily and it will reward you up to 30 Gems depending on your luck.

You can earn a lot of gems just by following these methods. So better start now because the early you get to do these steps the more gems you will earn.