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Are you interested in making silver rings? Learn everything you need to know about soldering jewelry here!

You might have seen videos on social media where the groom makes the wedding ring himself for his bride. Isn’t that something beautiful and epic? Though the jewelry can be ordered online, there is no effort like a real effort. Well, therefore, to help the DIY artist inside you, you can also learn it solder sterling silver jewelry here for people very dreary to you. Here are the simple steps to guide you through the process:-

Materials required:

  • You will need a silver wire from which you will make the jewelry piece.
  • Get wire cutters and tweezers to cut and hold the wire.
  • You will need tools like a torch, soldering pick, borax flux and an acid like a pickle.
  • You can also get sandpaper and hammer to flatten the silver.


Once you have collected all the materials required for soldering, you are ready to go further.

Begin with molding the silver wire in the form of rings or rings as per your desire to make the jewelry. If you are up to making a ring, get the girth measurements of the finger it’s going to land. Else if it is for earrings, choose any size you like.

Next thing you want to do is cut the solder into tiny parts and put them between the silver rings you made to attach things. Again if it is for earring, arrange the rings and the solder with the help of the tweezers. After this, you need to get the flux and get it in the form of a paste via adding water to it. Put this paste onto the places where you arranged the solder and dab it with the tweezers.

Take out the torch, set the flame and go soldering!!