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Costume Contact Lenses: Add Another Dimension To Your Outfit

In any movie production and cosplays, costumes are an indispensable aspect of portraying your characters. From basic outfit just that of Homer Simpson to the most elaborate ones like the Satyr in Pan’s Labyrinth, costumes made fiction into reality. Of course, the most basic costumes includes the outfit of the character being portrayed. Some elaborate ones need to employ prosthesis and sophisticated makeup to achieve the desired look. All in all, costumes make the viewers feel the intended feeling the character should bring into the scene.

One of the most common pieces of costume that can add more depth to your outfit is the contacts. So, what are these, and how can I incorporate this to my outfit?

The Contacts

Contact lenses are directly placed on the surface of the eye, or on the cornea to be exact. The primary purpose of these is to adjust and correct vision, especially for people who have vision issues. Of course, there are different types of contacts for various vision issues, from myopia and hyperopia to astigmatism and presbyopia.

The Cosmetic Version

Contact lenses too are not just used for correcting vision issues but also are used in the cosmetic industry too. Of course, cosmetic contact lenses come in a variety of designs too, from different colors to even with different styles. With these, you can change your eye color from brown to blue or white. Or even reptilian or rectangular-shaped like that of frogs.

The Two Common Kind Of Costume Contacts

There are two main kinds of costume contacts when we talk about the size and its coverage. And the basic one that covers the cornea, and scleral contact lens.

  • The Basic Contacts – This contact design is the most common in the market. Usually used from prescription ones to correct vision to cosmetic ones, this design is widely used. This contact is designed only to cover the cornea of the eye. For cosmetic use, this usually alters the color, design, and even the shape of the cornea.
  • The Scleral Contacts – Unlike the essential contacts, scleral ones covers not just the cornea, but also the entire visible part of the eye, including the white portion too. With this design, they are more extensive than the basic ones in terms of coverage. They are quite a bit more expensive compared to the basic ones and are used in some elaborate costumes like those used by vampires and zombies on some sci-fi movies.

Quick FYI Regarding Costume Contacts

  • Most common costume contacts need no prescription to use.
  • Costume contacts will not impede your vision for the center part is transparent.
  • They are safe to use, just like their prescription counterparts.
  • Basic care and use still apply to them, just like how you can take care of basic contact lenses.

Costume contacts have been around for a long time, and they surely add another layer of beauty and authenticity to your costume. Whether you want brown contact lenses or whatever color, surely there is one available for you to complete your looks.