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Competitive Online Gaming Recognized as E-sports

With all the advances in technology nowadays, even the competitive online gaming is now catching up with the latest trends. Aside from considering it as a hobby, players are now becoming more involved to it, investing their time and money just to get the win that they are aiming for.Because of the hype it brings to the young generation, the competitive online gaming is now recognized as E-sports in the US gaining more participation from nonprofessional and professional players. Most will not understand the reason behind it but as reasons are becoming more convincing, people are getting more engaged as well. 

To give you a bit of a knowledge, here are some of the reasons why competitive online gaming is now recognized as an E-sports.

Engage international participation

One of the main reasons why the US recognized online gaming as a sport is to let international participation from countries all over the world takes places. With this in mind, younger generation will be able to meet different cultures and races from different countries and exchange knowledge with each other.

To promote diversity

In order to be called an athlete and participate in sports, you need to be fit and be good in a game which needs good stamina and talent. However, most of the kids nowadays are so busy with studies that they cannot even join or enjoy field sports even if they want to. That is why the US government is trying to promote diversity through recognizing online gaming as a sports.

As more and more teens are engaged into it, the more diverse the games will be in an international or national sports gathering. Some can even do live streaming liga champion tanpa buffering while at home or in a restaurant to know who wins.