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Signs and Symptoms That Your Loved Ones need Drug Rehab

Drug addiction has become one of the major issues that our society is facing today. According to studies, the number of cases of this problem has been increasing the past few years. Thus, anyone can be a victim or can experience drug addiction. It could be your friend, your colleague, your relative or even your family member. On a positive note, drug addiction can be combat in different means. One of them is through drug rehab. As always what other people say – prevention is better than cure. Thus, it is always necessary for someone who is suffering from drug addiction to undergo drug rehabilitation. And as his or her loved one, your encouragement will definitely be a big help. As such, here are some ways on how you would tell if your loved one needs alcohol or drug rehab.

Withdrawal Symptoms

According to experts, once someone who is suffering from drug addiction stops taking the substance, he or she will experience withdrawal symptoms that are very sensitive and could be fatal. Some of the symptoms are insomnia, mood swings, inability to focus, trembling, bad temper, constipation, sweating and hallucinations.

Red Eyes

A lot of illegal substances give victims red eyes when being consumed or when not being taken.

Skin Problems

Another symptom and sign that you need to tell your loved one is certainly in need of drug or alcoholism treatment & rehab is when he or she experiences skin problems like rashes, scabs, or even scarred skin.

Strange body smell and odor

Smoking marijuana or other illicit substances can really produce bad smell. Drug addiction may also result in poor hygiene.

With these signs and symptoms, it is important to observe carefully your love one who is suffering from drug addiction. Hence, your help and encouragement are really needed.