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Best Contemporary Designs For Fireplaces!

A fireplace is a particular space made in a house to hold fire. With the advent of technology, fireplaces have also become an aspect of the house decorum rather than just a structure that emits heat. Along with providing warmth, it also helps to create a serene environment and gives your house an attractive and aesthetic look.

The traditional basic fireplace designs are now outdated, and people are nowadays turning towards modern designs for fireplaces and are preferring to install a designer fireplace in their houses. Some various planners and designers can offer you different astonishing designs of fireplaces for your home.

Some of the best modern fireplace designs

Double-glass fireplace

This is a trendy and contemporary design of a fireplace. These types of fireplaces and two-sided with glass on both sides. They are perfect for living rooms or any other place in the house. They can be installed in a sharing wall of two rooms and will heat both the rooms. They look attractive and luxurious and also have a low maintenance cost. In the latest designs, an additional layer of glass is used to prevent the mesh screen from coming in contact with the fireplace. It is excellent for modern houses and gives the house a great look.

The shaker stove

It is the modern version of the traditional wood-burning stove. Shaker stoves are best for houses with a vintage look and which have a lot of wooden interiors. These classic designs stand out in the world of the designer fireplace and give the house a unique vintage look. It usually comes with a perfect black steel body, in which you can add wood yourself. You can choose the side where you want the wood loading door and the vent.

A pop of colour

A pinch of colour added to anything makes it vibrant and lively. Modern colourful designs of fireplaces are getting quite popular among people. A vibrant fireplace gives a unique contrast to the area and makes it more attractive.

The best thing about this designer fireplace is that it is affordable and easy to install. You can take the help of professional designers to choose a perfect colour combination for your fireplace.