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Simple Tips To Recover Deleted iMessages

Unlike simple text messages, iMessages allow users to attach various pictures, videos, vital contacts and links or some location together with a message. Any of these can be crucial to you and accidentally deleting them may result in some problems but there’s nothing to worry about as it’s easy to restore such data with or without backup. Instead of worrying, what you can do is follow some of these simple tips to aid in the recovery of a deleted iMessage –

  • Using a data recovery app could easily recover iMessages with backup though it can only be used within a short time after deleting a message.
  • Without a backup, the iPhone data recovery app has three ways to recover your data and simply undelete the iMessage.
  • You can connect with your iPhone to confirm what sort of data would you like to recover and then perform a scan to search the message deleted.
  • After the scan, you can find the deleted messages marked with red color which can now be restored.
  • Deleted iMessages can be extracted from iTunes or iCloud with some third-part apps or even directly from the web.
  • Sync your IOS devices to find the deleted iMessage on another IOS device.

Tips to avoid deleting important iMessages

  • Don’t delete messages in a hurry before determining its value.
  • If it’s an attachment like a picture, it is better to save it in your device.
  • Sync your data so that you can retrieve it from another IOS device.
  • Periodically backing up your data on iTunes or iCloud can help you retrieve it in case it is lost with minimum loss of other data.
  • Backup iMessages on your computer.

Mistakes happen all the time and though it is better to avoid them, it is just human nature to slip up. In such a case, taking precautions is better. You can make a habit of saving important data like the iMessages containing vital information somewhere or make use of your mind to recover the loss in a short time.