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Wish Going Global With Sports Marketing

Sports marketing is not just for sports clubs and tournament organizers. In fact, sports marketing can serve as a smart marketing strategy for retail stores as well, especially those interested in selling sports merchandise. Wish, a San Francisco-based online store is the perfect example how sports marketing can help a not-so-popular ecommerce platform to reach to global heights.

It all started with Wish deciding to sponsor the world famous basketball team LA Lakers. It should be mentioned here that Wish decided to foray in sports marketing at such times when the retail marketplace hadn’t entered into the live sports arena. Besides, Wish deserves another brownie point for its selection of the sports team. The company strategically chose a game and  club which is famous all across the world.

The idea was to sponsor a team that can take your name forward all across the globe. For example, say you want to earn money through sports blogging. So, you should write on games that’s famous globally such as Tipspoker88. And this is exactly what has happened with Wish’s sponsorship of the highly acclaimed LA Lakers. The company wanted to attain new merchants right from Latin American and European markets. Thus, it chose a team that commands huge viewerbase in these two areas. And, it eventually made Wish a popular name in these regions in almost no time.

At present, Wish is now to the Lakers what Rakuten is to FC Barcelona. This stand in marketing emerges from a time-tested philosophy. According to that philosophy, consumers tend to remember the first name that offers sponsorship to a sports team. And this first sponsor fast becomes synonymous with that of the sports team or club. And if the team commands a huge fanbase, it becomes beneficial for the first sponsor as well. This is specifically what has happened with Wish and its fast global reach through the worldwide popularity of LA Lakers.