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How to buy a drill press – An ultimate guide

The drill press is machinery identical to a drill, but the difference is that traditional drills are held by a hand, but drill presses have the drill mounted on a structure fixed on a surface. Some of the surfaces have magnetic properties to hold the item firmly and don’t let it slip. If you are willing to buy a drill press, it will better if you check some drill press reviews on the internet to make a wiser choice. A drill press makes the work easier and also enhances the level of security, lowering the chances of an accident.

Tips to consider while buying a drill press

Suitable dimensions

You must check the dimensions of the drill press and assure that is suitable to your needs and requirements. It depends on the size of wood blocks you are going drill holes into, as the piece of wood needs to be placed between the drill bit and the drill press. There must be sufficient space between them so that more significant pieces of wood can be fit between them. The space between the spindle and press is termed as throat depth, so greater the depth of throat, more significant pieces you will be able to drill.

Proper angel of drill

Different angles and inclination can be needed for various drill works, so the angle of the drill press must be adjustable according to the requirements. Sometimes drill press needs to put a hole into a curve surface for which it needs to be drilled with a different angle. So, it must be adjustable, and the surface on the table should be firm, so that wooden block doesn’t get slipped away while drilling.

Highly functional

You should check that the drill press can be sued for other purposes too by adding different attachments of drill bits to serve various purposes.