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How Is Virtua Fighter 5 A More Realistic Combat Game?

There was a time when arcade fighting games dominated the market and were loved by players to a great extent. Sega’s Virtua Fighter series was also commended for offering a more realistic touch to the arcade fighting games. Virtua Fighter 5 is the fifth installment of this series and allowed players to fight even more intensely and realistically.


Fifth World Fighting Tournament is going to begin soon and 17 best fighters are selected from around the world. The tournament this time requires these fighters to perfect each aspect of their body but the fighters are unaware of the fact that J6, the establishment funding the tournament is harboring ulterior motives towards these them and is planning to create the optimum fighting machine with the features of a human.


With Xbox Live, players can fight others from any corner of the world in one-to-one combat.

Players can learn different types of combos and show off these moves in combat.

The game allows players to view different types of realistic fighting style that enhances the beauty of the game.

There are all sorts of intriguing characters with special fighting styles.

Quest mode allows players to slowly temper their skills and develop own fighting style.


The game has been evolving with every update made by the developers. The charm of the realistic battles can be enjoyed to an even greater extent by the players as new characters were added and gameplay issues were fixed. More updates on different platforms also allowed players to play various modes and battle other players over the internet.

The game has an elegance to it that appeals to the players who love arcade fighting games. You can also check out bandarqq online to earn some money while taking a break while playing a game.