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All You Need To Know About Blue Flag In Car Racing!

Are you new in the world of Racing? Well, if the answer yes, then here we are going to spill the beans about the flag that are being used on the track. A lot of things needs to be done, as this would help you to have better understanding about the different flags, its meaning its use. Here we will essentially deal with the blue flag. As we all know there are different flags that are being used at different level as this would certainly help you to choose.

Well, here we are going to deal with the blue flag why and when it is used as this would help you to know about it so that you can enjoy your play like a pro.

What Blue Flag Means

Blue flag is often referred as the “courtesy flag” sometimes with a yellow, orange, or red stripe, notifies a driver that a faster car is approaching and racer should let faster cars to pass. In practice session, it in indicative of the laps otherwise, it is not mandatory and mostly drivers obeys as it is seen as courtesy to the fellow racers.  In other series, the racers get penalize for not yielding and the racer is penalized for the same, and the racer is sent to the pits for the rest of the remaining race.

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