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A Guide To Potty Train Your Dogs And Puppies

Prior to the beginning of potty training a puppy or dog there are two possible options where you can either train your pet to relieve at exterior or relieve on a potty pad, then the gradual transition to the outdoors.

Start with the training

  • Stick to a spot

You have to set the potty spot before bringing the pet home. Do you have an open space or yard where you can let the dog do the job? Once you are selected a space, stick to it during the training phase and later also.

  • Understand the signs

The new pet might be using different languages to highlight the need for elimination but you have to understand it. Thanks to God for this natural behaviour of pets whenever there is a need to go-

Smelling his rear

Barking and scratching the door


Sniffing floor

Always schedule the time of meal or snack intake by your dog this will cultivate a habit in the dog to go out soon after the meal.

Dogs are heavy water drinker which increases the chances of frequent urinating also. To prevent the accidents you have to take the puppy after short time intervals until he understands the control system.

  • How long will it take to train the dog or puppies?

There is no justified time frame when you can get assured that your pet will be completely trained because it entirely depends upon the extent to which your dog knows how to use a potty training. With the training make sure to have proper arrangements if any accident or uncertainty occurs. Potty training requires lots of commitment and dedication. Whichever the method you are choosing it is highly recommended that you keep practising it and develop a habit in your pet to follow the routine.