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Enabling Dolby Vision in a UBP-X700 Blu-Ray Player

Sony bdp s3700 and other blue-ray players from the brand are truly outstanding. But you’d get even better viewing experience when you enable Dolby Vision in some of Sony models. Note that Dolby Vision supports High Dynamic Range 4K-video formats, which means it provides better audio-video output for your viewing. This is possible with the UBP-X700 Blu-Ray Player as long as you know how to set things up.

Here’s how to Activate Dolby Vision in your UBP-X700 Blue-Ray Player

  1. Aside from a UBP-X700 unit, you also need a high speed HDMI cable that can handle 18GB of bandwidth. Plus, be sure you have a Dolby Vision-compatible television set (UHD (4K)/HDR TV).
  2. Begin by upgrading the firmware of your blue-ray player. Ideally, choose M43.R.0175 or higher.
  3. Properly connect your player to a compatible TV set using the right HDMI cable. It’s important that you have Dolby Vision-compatible sound system as well.
  4. Next, turn on the Dolby Vision settings of your player. To do this, press the Home Button, select Screen Settings, and toggle the Dolby Vision Output to on.
  5. Make sure that the HDMI settings on your TV corresponds to HDR. To check, press the Home button, go to Settings, go to TV category and check External Input. Check the HDMI Signal Format, and switch it to Enhanced Format. Note that other TV sets may have different settings, so refer to their own manuals.

There you have it. This is how to activate Dolby Vision in your UBP-X700. Note, however, that it would affect other settings in your player.

For instance, 3D Playback Functions and video settings will become unavailable after the Dolby Vision is turned on. Also, all media content will be played using Dolby Vision output, including media files not encoded using Dolby Vision. But if you don’t like the audio-video output of Dolby Vision, simply set it back to off.