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Fantastic Green Cleaning Tips you must Take Note today

Who would’ve thought that such sanitary heavyweights as Comet, Windex, and Swiffer could be replaced by two ridiculously cheap and versatile kitchen products? I’m referring to Baking Soda and Vinegar and, while they might not look as pretty as the overpriced bottle of blue chemical with the fancy stick-on label, they do the exact same thing. Use a kleiner staubsauger along with these amazing cleaning agents and you’ll surely get fascinating results. Below are three not-so-minor ways you can keep those pollutive, unreasonably expensive chemicals on the grocery store’s shelf and out of your home:

Toilet: Scummy toilet? Nothing a little chemical reaction can’t take care of. Remember Junior’s science fair project with the volcano and the ooze and the paper mache? You can use his same formula to nuke the stains in your toilet. Best of all, it is far more eco-friendly than the overpriced, nonrecyclable container the toilet bowl liquids come in, AND you don’t have to breathe in those metallic fumes from a powder-based cleaners. Simply mix 4 parts baking soda to 1 part salt and apply to a freshly flushed toilet. Then pour in the same amount of vinegar. Voila! Instant bowl cleaner! Let sit for 10 minutes, scrub, and flush.

The Awesome Power of Vinegar: I can’t understand for the life of me why more people opt for “specialized” cleaners when this one liquid has the power to replace them all. Say goodbye to laundry detergent, Windex, and Shower Kleen–they can all be effectively replaced by vinegar. Purchase yourself an empty, universal spray bottle from your local hardware store and fill it up with a 50/50 vinegar-water mix. Instant shower cleaner. Doubles as a streak-free way to clean your mirrors. For tougher to clean applications, use White Vinegar. You can also use vinegar in your dishwasher’s Jet-Dry compartment for streak-free dishes! Best of all, 1 cup of vinegar added during the rinse cycle of your laundry is all the detergent you need to have fresh-smelling clothes. The smell of vinegar does not come through, but the chemical breaks down deodorant build-up and odor-causing microbes.

Swiffer, No More!: If you’re like me, you HATE buying overpriced Swiffer pads. Drenched in chemical, these one-time use pads leave your floor wet and smelly. The smell might be nice, but what about your health? The solution is a microfiber cloth. You can buy them pretty much anywhere for less than the price of a refill pack of Swiffer pads, reuse them until they wear out (warning, might take a few years!), and clean all of your hardwoods with the same effectiveness as a Swiffer. Just cram the cloth into the plastic holders and start sweeping! The hair, dirt, and lint will stick to them and can easily be shaken or washed out. If you have scummy food stains on your floor, simply use a wet microfiber–hot water works best– and follow up with a dry one. You can also use these microfibers to spot-clean mirror and sliding door smudges, computer screens, CDs, glass-fronted televisions, laptops–anything with a smooth surface!

Being green is no longer a hard thing to do. By following these simple techniques, you can preserve the environment, the quality of your home, and, best of all, your cash!