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Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk and Star Wars

Imagine if Star Wars was a chicken space shooter. Got it? Good. Now imagine if there was a holiday Christmas special of Star

Imagine if Star Wars was a chicken space shooter. Got it? Good. Now imagine if there was a holiday Christmas special of Star Wars that was also a chicken space shooter. Got it? Good. Now for everyone who can’t imagine what that would be like, I’ll simply say that it would be Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk Christmas Edition. This game is hilarious from start to finish; it features tons of action and is topped off with a heroic soundtrack that would make John Williams look twice.

The Christmas edition of Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk is a comedic Space Invaders clone that has players shooting at chickens flying all across the screen in one wave after another. The story follows a lone star fighter as he tries to grab some grub but gets interrupted when the evil chickens catch the hero’s attention with their [trademarked] Yolk Star. The star destroyer is still unfinished but is still capable of blowing up pizza delivery guys (and yes, it does destroy a pizza delivery guy). Before the hero can do any damage to the Yolk Star, the ship is unexpectedly sucked into a black hole, where players are tossed all the way to the other side of the solar system.

As you can imagine, it’s up to players to journey from one side of the galaxy to the other all the while battling chickens and their devious devices. Now the neat part about the game is that even though the shooting is repetitive and the stage designs are about as unique as a black canvas, the weapons and special items really make up for where the stages fall flat.

I’m not going to bother listing all the weapons, but the standard-fare multi-directional laser beam is definitely present, as well as completely unique weapons like a lightning beam and a fire-beam sprayer. To say the least, the weapon cache is nothing but fun to use, and the way the game is setup players must acquire different upgrades for the various weapons to increase their firepower and efficiency.

The game is kept fresh for gamers by having players scavenging across the screen to obtain – yes, you may have guessed it – all sorts of cooked chicken from destroyed enemies. Gathering up the chicken grants players with extra missiles. I’m not entirely sure how collecting drumsticks adds missile salves, but they do. Innovative and creative methods can be used in the games for better playing. A person can search the new ideas for boosting performance at consoleboost.com.

There are plenty of stages to tackle and bosses that await players at the end of each stage. The strategies required for defeating each boss varies and adds elements of renewed vigor to a game that could have otherwise become stale, very quickly. To keep this space shooter interesting, InterAction Studios also has short but entertaining sequences of the hero trying to find a way back to the Yolk Star, which usually involve hunger and misdirection.

Visually, Chicken Invaders: RotY doesn’t necessarily disappoint. It’s not the sort of game that pushes any limits on your PC, and thank goodness that it doesn’t because we have enough of those games already. However, players will find that the game has silky smooth animations and a sharp design to the characters and objects. The game’s sense appeal doesn’t end with the graphics, though. Audibly, the gameplay is powered by a soundtrack featuring original instrumentals suited for a universe-saving hero.

For a budget-price space shooter, I can’t say that this is a top notch title that’s a “must own”. However, given that the controls are responsive, the action is intact and the music is respectably good, if you’re looking for something under $20 that fills your need for some laugh-worthy chicken shooting, then Chicken Invaders: Revenge of the Yolk Christmas Edition isn’t a bad way to go.

What’s New in Sim City 4

Sim City 4 has beefed up versions of many central Sim City features, including more landmarks, more landscaping control, better graphics, more missions,

Sim City 4 has beefed up versions of many central Sim City features, including more landmarks, more landscaping control, better graphics, more missions, and a bigger selection of advisors. However, the highlights of Sim City 4 are its completely new features. Sim City 4 stands apart from its predecessors in three major ways: the Sim continent feature lets you build and connect multiple cities in a single game, web interactivity lets you download cities built by other players and share your own creations, and automated roadway placement frees you from the hassle of minutiae without taking away your control. Read on to learn more about the exciting new features of Sim City 4 in this article or after clicking on
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Sim Continent

One of the most exciting features that sets Sim City 4 apart from previous versions of Sim City is that players now have the chance to build and play with more than once city at a time. Instead of being confined to the area of a single city with fictional neighboring towns, Sim City 4 players have access to a whole “continent” of city tiles that they can build on. Sim City 4 allows the player to build multiple separate cities on tiles adjacent to each other, and play with each individually for as long as desired. Then, players can link the cities to each other with roads and rail, have them share water supplies or power grids, and watch the results as Sims from other towns start to interact. Now that you can start a whole new city while waiting for a previous city to grow or change, you can have constant Sim City action. This means there are more opportunities to solve new kinds of challenges in Sim City 4 than in any other game.

Web Interactive

If you want to really try something new in Sim City 4, you can go to the Sim City 4 website, download cities built by other players around the world, place them on a “tile” on your Sim continent and play them! You can play these cities individually, link them up with cities you’ve built yourself, or even raze them to the ground by attacking them with monsters or natural disasters. The fact that players are constantly uploading new tiles means that there is literally no limit to the number of cities that you can download and play with. Plus, you can upload your own Sim City 4 tiles, and know that halfway around the world, somebody is playing with your city!

Automated Transportation

Sim City 4 boasts an exciting new feature: automated roadways. For years, Sim City players have complained about the hassle of laying down a road grid piece by piece, and about the hurdle of having to demolish all of the streets to replace them with bigger highways and major avenues once a city’s population blossomed. In Sim City 4, these problems are solved. When you specify a square of land in Sim City 4 as an industrial, residential, or commercial zone, the program automatically lays down a grid of streets surrounding the zone. That means you can grow your city with a single click of the mouse instead of having to constantly struggle with roads and rail. Then, when it’s time to upgrade your streets to something larger, you can use the “upgrade” tool to beef up a roadway without having to manually demolish roads or buildings in the process. As in earlier Sim City editions, the major decisions about how to lay out the roadways are still up to you in Sim City 4, but the hassle of connecting every single building to your larger grid is gone. This makes game play in Sim City 4 more about tactical choice and less about fiddling with unwieldy details than any previous version of the blockbuster game.

Escape Velocity Nova: The Ultimate Space RPG

Are you looking for an awesome game that will keep you busy for many weeks and not break your bank account? Escape Velocity

Are you looking for an awesome game that will keep you busy for many weeks and not break your bank account? Escape Velocity Nova is the game you are looking for! This $30 game will brighten your day and your gaming horizons for many years to come.
As the third installment of the Escape Velocity series, it has been widely improved since its conception many years ago. I used to play the original EV as a kid, on my old Macintosh Performa. I was also fond of playing simple games like Bandarqq. With new graphics, new races, new ships, and new stories, this game is almost completely different than the original that many hard-core space gamers would remember.

You start off as the captain of a simple shuttle, with only a couple of star systems on your Star Map and from there, your destiny is in your hands. In this overhead 2-D view game, you can be a trader, a pirate, a psychic warrior, or pretty much any other space occupation you could imagine and the game is based upon the choices you make throughout.

There are 6 primary story lines for you to take your pick of: the Federation, the Rebellion, the Vellos, the Polaris, the Aurorans, or the Pirates. Each one affects the galaxy and by extension, yourself in a different way. While you can only play through one of these in a single pilot file, there are opportunities to “defect” to another side in some of the story lines. Or if you choose to, you can ignore the main story lines entirely!

With numerous side missions and two other optional story lines that can lead into the primary lines, you will find yourself busy at all times. Some examples of these are running Courier missions, taking dangerous smuggling runs for Sigma Space, testing new, advanced weaponry for a weapons manufacturer, or even assisting in the terraforming of a dead planet.

Space is a dangerous place in this game, as depending on where you choose to fly your ship, you may find yourself in a bind as you make your hyperspace jump into a system loaded with marauders looking to take your vessel as a prize. Or perhaps you took a mission to aid the Rebellion in their fight against the oppressive Bureau and are not hunted throughout the galaxy? Eventually, you and your fleet may become powerful enough to subjugate the entire galaxy (often attempted, often failed, but completely possible) to your will.

This game is the ultimate in choice. While it seems primitive compared to games like EVE Online or Darkstar One, this game is perhaps one of the few gems amongst the garbage of failed space games. I have never given this game to a friend or coworker and had them tell me, “That game was terrible!” In fact, every person I have ever shown this game, has shouted its praises on the rooftops.

Surprisingly, it has a huge cult following, with users and other gamers making plug-ins to add more content to the game. Finding these mods is easy and installing them is just as easy, allowing you to make your experience even better. Some of the plug-ins are better than others but it is best to read the reviews on each mod before installing them.

Ambrosia outdid themselves with the development of Escape Velocity: Nova. Best of all, you can download the game and play a free trial version that lets you experience all of the spacey-goodness that awaits without paying a thing. Play it for a few hours and I am sure you will be whipping out your credit card to buy the full version and be immersed in all of its atmosphere-free glory.

With a vast galaxy comes a wealth of information. You will undoubtedly find yourself needing the help of one of the numerous walk-through strategy guides found all over the Internet.

Personally, I have probably spent entire weeks of my life on this game, attempting to explore every nook and cranny of a dangerous (and often deadly) galaxy. You will find yourself, much as I did, addicted to this seemingly simple, but subtly addictive and complex video game. Having never conquered the entire galaxy before, I am still struggling to finish this game in its entirety: the domination of an entire society. The most I have ever dominated was a mere 20% of the known galaxy, which is a massive amount of planets and star bases in the game.

Will you fight for good or evil? Will you defend the oppressed people of the galaxy or be their mighty overload? The future of the galaxy is in your hands, to build up or tear down as you see fit.

Whatever you choose, set a course and, as Jean Luc Picard would say, “Make it so!”

Super Mario RPG: An In-Depth Review of Legend of the Seven Stars for the Super Nintendo Gaming Console

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, first released on the Super Nintendo in 1996, was the first in the Super Mario

Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars, first released on the Super Nintendo in 1996, was the first in the Super Mario Brothers series that was designed as a role-playing game. Since the preceding Super Mario Brothers games were all traditionally 2D and side-scrolling, this game was a major breakthrough for Nintendo. Now, 15 years later, this game has been released on the Wii’s Virtual Console, and I still feel that it is a truly a legend.

In this article, I will be reviewing three major categories of this game: the storyline, the gameplay and its audio/visual aspect, all of which I find to be truly incredible.

The game starts out as a traditional Mario game would: Bowser, Mario’s arch-nemesis, kidnaps Princess Toadstool and brings her back to his castle to wait for Mario to rescue her. However, a huge twist is introduced early-on: an evil, talking sword invades the castle, separating the three familiar characters. It is soon learned that the sword and its operator, Smitty are trying to take over the world and ruin everyone’s dreams. They have destructed Star-Road, which is the place everyone’s wishes come true. It is up to Mario to collect the seven missing pieces and reconstruct them, while also taking care of the enemies who stole them in the first place. Throughout the game, Mario runs into all new, never-before-seen characters. There is Mallow, a cloud-puff who is trying to find his real home, Geno, a doll that has come to life and is trying to help repair the star road, and many new bosses including Croco, a thieving dragon, Belome, a big, hungry dog, Booster, a…freak, and of course Smitty, the mastermind behind all of it. Aside from the main quest, Mario and the gang endure many fun and challenging side-quests such as rescuing two baby moles from a collapsed mine, ridding the Mushroom Kingdom of invading Shysters, and crashing a wedding between Princess Toadstool and Booster. The game also has several mini-games such as a hidden casino where one can play slots and cards and ride a cart through a mine while collecting coins and mushrooms. Overall, the story line is incredibly well-thought and entertaining. It will have you playing for hours and hours without even realizing it. This game can be compared to your favorite video game t shirts, you’ll definitely love to play or wear it over and over again. This game has been one of the favorites of players across the globe.

As far as the gameplay goes, I feel that it was also well thought out and easy for gamers of any age to use. Instead of side-scrolling, the player is able to move Mario freely in any direction so that he can go anywhere or inspect almost anything. The enemy and boss battles are fought in a Final Fantasy style: each player lines up, gets to select a physical attack, a specialty attack, to use an item or to pass and they take turns with it. All of the buttons are easily labeled and designed so that the player knows which option is which. The game also borrows from Final Fantasy in the sense that characters can equip themselves with weapons or armor that affects their battle statistics. For anyone who is unfamiliar with this system, there are some non-playable characters that will help teach them how to equip and use different weapons and gear. Players also have the option to rotate members in their battle party, which is a great strategy when dealing with several different bosses because every character has their strengths and weaknesses.

Along the lines of audio and visual affects, I gives this area and A+. The music is entertaining and unforgettable; at times, it is beautiful. Every time there is a different scenario, the music is what triggers the emotions the scene is trying to stimulate the best: slow, somber music in times of sadness, happy, fast music in times of happiness or accomplishment, aggressive music in times of battle or despair. As for the visual side of things, I think that the graphics are amazing, given the time period they were created in. The colors are bright and vivid and attract anyone’s eye. The characters are detailed down to the smallest scar on their faces and appear to be smooth and wholesomely developed.

All in all, I give this game a 10 out 10 stars (or should I say, 7 out of 7?). Though it is an older game, it is without a doubt a classic and should be on the shelf of all avid video game players and Mario Brothers fans.

How Everquest Ruined Me as a Gamer

Back in 2000, many people didn’t have cell phones, dedicated internet, or a computer for every person in the household. What was available,

Back in 2000, many people didn’t have cell phones, dedicated internet, or a computer for every person in the household. What was available, however, was the game that made me the gamer I am today. That game was Everquest, developed by Sony in 1999 and which eventually grew to include eighteen expansions.

Unlike the new favorite, Blizzard’s World of Warcraft, Everquest was hard, right from the beginning, and quests didn’t feel like the same-old-same-old at every level. Low-level monsters killed you right from the start; there were no safe zones. Part of the fun of the game was the challenge, knowing that when you completed a quest it meant something. And the only ways players got around in the beginning were walking, boats, and being magically ported. I only reached level 45, but even still, the game was enjoyable. I slayed really cool monsters and experienced lands that were each unique in their look, organization, classes, language, and culture. Every skill had a learning curve, even swimming and speaking to foreign races.

Everquest promoted a sense of community through gaming that I have never found in another game. You had to group with people from the start, or else you’d never finish a quest. Players practiced grouping right from the first level, and were required to learn their class in order to group well. Yes, the learning curve was steep – much steeper than in current games, which cater to new players in order to bring in revenue. When I I played between 2000 and 2002, there were so many people in the beginning zones that it actually felt like you were in a real city. It doesn’t surprise me that the lower level characters became scarce as leveling became easier in later expansions: it got too easy to support the community. In games like World of Warcraft, leveling is easy, and the gameplay is lonely. No one wants to group or help, either, because most quests can be completed alone. The social aspect hinders gameplay, rather than enhance it. Courtesy and respect isn’t prized, because it isn’t needed to gain potential group-mates, because grouping isn’t intended or necessary at most levels.

New games, even the new Everquest sequel, just don’t hold my attention like the first one did. It just seems too easy, too trivial, too cliché. In my opinion, if a player can get to level 80 in a week, there’s something wrong with the game. I hope someday to find a game that was as immersive as Everquest was. A game where the quests relate to the fantasy world, where crafting items make sense, and where the game whoops your butt now and then.

While yes, death penalties and other difficulties likely deter lazy players and hurt sales, they also provided major incentives to working with other players, and did make the game more challenging, and therefore interesting, to play. Aspects like in-game language barriers and religious discrimination didn’t do much for questing, but it did make the game so much more realistic and memorable.

Until I find something similar to Everquest, I’ll stick with Skyrim and the rest of the Bethesda Elder Scrolls series. And if you’re out there Huyubusa: thanks for the memories. You can visit cme online 24jam for a vast variety of games that you can enjoy. You get poker games as well, these games can even fetch you some money as you play and win online poker tournaments.

Learn the Best Ways to Buy EVE Inter Stellar Credits

Eve Online is one of the hottest MMO games around today. In this science fiction online video game you’ll be a pilot that

Eve Online is one of the hottest MMO games around today. In this science fiction online video game you’ll be a pilot that gets to fly ships through a variety of universes made up of five thousand solar systems. This game has a lot to offer all players with a variety of jobs and activities to enjoy. The currency used in this game is known as EVE ISK or Inter Stellar Credit.

You can earn EVE ISC in the game by acquiring it through. But you can purchase it using real money credits as well. So, for example, you can win real cash by playing Situs Judi online, then use your winning to buy EVE ISC.

Mining, trading and manufacturing are some of the most popular jobs within the game and some of the most profitable ones but there are others to choose from. You also have combat situations where players go up against the environment or other players. In order to continue moving up in the game and reaching your goals, you need to find ways to increase the amount of in-game money you have.

There are a variety of ways for players to use and acquire EVE ISK. This in-game currency can be used to buy items from the market, bargain with other players or use the Loyalty Points system. This system allows you to use the loyalty points combined with EVE ISK money to purchase the basic items in the game.

You can earn EVE ISK but you can also purchase it from websites designed just for this purpose. Some of these websites require you to be a member but others don’t. Buying EVE ISK from these websites is very easy. All you have to do is decide how much you want to buy and then use your credit, debit or PayPal card to pay for it.

You can have access to these websites and buy EVE ISK anytime day or night, seven days a week. Normally, you can receive a discount when you order large amounts of ISK so this is something to consider. Before you buy your EVE ISK there are a few things that you need to check out.

It’s vital that you choose a website with great customer service. Otherwise, if you run into problems you may not be able to solve it anytime soon and maybe not at all. Websites should have a toll-free number to call and having live chat would be great. This way, you know you’ll have someone to talk to if you do run into problems.

Most of the time, you can expect to receive your purchase within about half an hour. If it takes longer then you may want to call the website to find out why. Buying EVE ISK can help you advance in the game because it’s built on economics and you need money to build ships and buy items that will help you move up and enjoy the game to its fullest.

Top 2 Great Gaming Cheats & Hacks!

The majority of the professional players are making the use of gaming cheats that is making the game easier. If you are one

The majority of the professional players are making the use of gaming cheats that is making the game easier. If you are one who wants to collect a lot of resources in the game, then it is your responsibility to make the use of some great cheats.

If you don’t want to face any complicated problem, then you should make contact with a professional or certified gamer who will surely suggest genuine cheats to you.  It would be better to make the use of cheats in the toughest levels. If you don’t want to make the game boring, then it is your responsibility to make the use of cheats in certain situations only. You will find a lot of people have a boss with cheats. The following are the two best gaming cheats & hacks that you should use in certain situations.

  • Boos Fight

If you are facing any complicated problem while finding a cheat of a particular game, then you should visit colossalcheats.com, where you can easily avail the cheats according to the requirements. All you need to activate the cheats that will surely improve the health and powers as well. If you want to recover the health instantly, then it is your responsibility to make the use of gaming cheats and hacks.

  • Battle area

It would be better to make the use of cheats for the battle areas. Nothing is better than cheats because it is giving a lot of in-game resources to the users. You will able to make the use of powerful weapons anytime and anywhere.

Moving Further, if you want to improve the power or health in the game, then you should make the use of genuine cheats. Cheats are improving the PVP AND SCORE IN THE GAME.

Finding Cheats For Play Station 3 Games

PlayStation three (PS3) may be a home computer game console created by Sony Interactive amusement. It had been discharged in Japan and North

PlayStation three (PS3) may be a home computer game console created by Sony Interactive amusement. It had been discharged in Japan and North America in Gregorian calendar month, 2006, and in Europe and Australia in March, 2007. Once discharged, it had been the world’s most subtle computer game console up to now because of superior graphics, motion-sensing controller, network capabilities, and stellar line-up of games.

The successor of the foremost widespread diversion system ever, the PlayStation two, the PS3 quickly became the system to beat.

  • Hacks in games 

Cheats in computer games involve a video game player mistreatment strategies  to forma plus or disadvantage on the far side traditional gameplay, so as to create the sport easier or more durable. Cheats are also activated from inside the sport itself (a cheat code enforced by the initial game developers), or created by third-party computer code (a game trainer) or hardware. They will even be  complete by exploiting computer code bugs; this could or might not be thought-about cheating supported whether or not the bug is taken into account general knowledge.

  • Cheats for PS3 games

The different cheats for PS3 games are increasing in its numbers. This has caused the developers of the sports to insert their own cheats into the game to create it easier for the players get the hacks and not tamper the games itself.

These cheats square measure usually hidden mean sin several sections of the gameplay and generally need awfully tough patters to be entered at awfully high speeds. This makes it tough to use these cheats whereas makes the sport safer for the conventional players conjointly. one among the simplest thanks to discover all the various cheats offered for a game in PlayStation three is by mistreatment the web site of cryptocheats. They need the cheats to most the PlayStation titles. One will realize the cheats to any or allthe popular games with none downside on the platform.

How Is Virtua Fighter 5 A More Realistic Combat Game?

There was a time when arcade fighting games dominated the market and were loved by players to a great extent. Sega’s Virtua Fighter

There was a time when arcade fighting games dominated the market and were loved by players to a great extent. Sega’s Virtua Fighter series was also commended for offering a more realistic touch to the arcade fighting games. Virtua Fighter 5 is the fifth installment of this series and allowed players to fight even more intensely and realistically.


Fifth World Fighting Tournament is going to begin soon and 17 best fighters are selected from around the world. The tournament this time requires these fighters to perfect each aspect of their body but the fighters are unaware of the fact that J6, the establishment funding the tournament is harboring ulterior motives towards these them and is planning to create the optimum fighting machine with the features of a human.


With Xbox Live, players can fight others from any corner of the world in one-to-one combat.

Players can learn different types of combos and show off these moves in combat.

The game allows players to view different types of realistic fighting style that enhances the beauty of the game.

There are all sorts of intriguing characters with special fighting styles.

Quest mode allows players to slowly temper their skills and develop own fighting style.


The game has been evolving with every update made by the developers. The charm of the realistic battles can be enjoyed to an even greater extent by the players as new characters were added and gameplay issues were fixed. More updates on different platforms also allowed players to play various modes and battle other players over the internet.

The game has an elegance to it that appeals to the players who love arcade fighting games. You can also check out bandarqq online to earn some money while taking a break while playing a game.

Top Of The Class Gaming Laptops For Every Gamer Out There

It is a long established fact that PC gaming is no more just a hobby. Today, it means so much more. There are

It is a long established fact that PC gaming is no more just a hobby. Today, it means so much more. There are literally armies of professional gamers out there that earn their entire livelihood in this area. That being said, there are also a set of gamers who see this entire thing as pass time. Whatever category a gamer might fall into, one knows that all of them would agree on one single thing. There is no alternative to laptop gaming. Combining power with mobility, a laptop gives the best of both worlds to a gamer. But the laptop market is humongous to say the least. Well, one can probably assist you in this area. Read further to find out which gaming the top picks for every kind of gamer there is.

What Are The Options ?

Research on a particular laptop before buying one. Listed below you will easily find which category of laptop you belong to when it comes to gaming.

  • Asus ROG Zephyrus S GX701 : For the absolute professional and high budget gamers that want everything one can possibly get on a gaming laptop. Packed with the latest 9th Gen Core i7 processor and the powerful nvidia RTX graphics processor, there is nothing this beast cant handle.
  • MSI gl63 : This is for the kind of gamer that wants to excel but is tight on budget. It runs on a 3.9 GHz Intel Core i7-8750H processor aNVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 graphics card. So it can handle your average level AAA titles with much ease.
  • Dell XPS : This is a laptop built for the person, who, after a long day of hard-work, finds solace in an online match of his/her favourite MOBA game ? or perhaps an extremely strategic bandarq match? Then trust us, this laptop is for him/her. It is powered by a six-core 2GHz Intel Core i7-8750H processor and a gtx 1050 graphics processor. It can handle your office work and can run high end and low-end games very smoothly.

So, what are you waiting for ? Go out and buy the gaming laptop that fits you the best.